Office of Student Inclusion and Involvement

The Office of Student Inclusion and Involvement (OSII) promotes, facilitates, and advocates for a welcoming, socially just and inclusive campus community by supporting the retention of diverse student populations and providing diversity education and multicultural programs for students and the surrounding community. Our goal is to create a community that recognizes challenges and transforms their individual attitudes towards difference, while learning to celebrate the rich contributions of all cultures.

The Office of Student Inclusion and Involvement (OSII) oversees five main areas which include: student equity and diversity, campus programming, leadership programs, off-campus and commuter student services, and new student orientation programs. OSII serves as the primary source from social, leadership, co-curricular and multicultural campus opportunities for all Edgewood students. We cultivate a variety of opportunities for campus engagement that create a well-rounded student experience and works to enhance the academic mission of Edgewood College.

Through involvement with the Office of Student Inclusion and Involvement, students will:
  • Develop critical and reflective thinking skills.
  • Develop interdependence, collaboration and a sense of belonging.
  • Recognize their role in creating an inclusive environment at Edgewood College.
  • Exhibit the ability to work effectively with individuals from different backgrounds.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of group dynamics and effective teamwork.
  • Demonstrate appreciation for and respect of different cultural groups.
  • Translate our Dominican value based action to promote social change.
  • Recognize the transferability of skills and connecting what they are learning in the classroom with application in co-curricular involvement.
  • Develop a range of leadership skills and abilities such as effectively leading change, resolving conflict, and motivating others.
What We Do

The following programs and services are offered by the Office of Student Inclusion and Involvement:

  • Campus Events
  • Involvement Fairs
  • Diversity Workshops/Seminars
  • Access to Student Organizations
  • Student Employment Opportunities
  • Leadership Programs and Resources
  • Co-Sponsorship & Educational Program
  • Emergency Funding for Students in Need
  • Equipment Rentals (tents, sleeping bags, roller blades and so much more!)
  • Special Events (including Fall Fest, Family Weekend, Winter Frost and Multicultural Graduation)

  • Multicultural Student Lounge, Predolin 206
  • Student Resource Center, Predolin 234
  • OSII Information Desk, Predolin 2nd Floor