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The Student Senate serves as the voice of the Edgewood College student body. It strives to promote student interests within the college and its surrounding communities in order to enrich education, student life, and the overall Edgewood experience.

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OSII Student Lounge, 206 Predolin Hall

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Meet the Senate

Sydney Wilcox's Headshot

Sydney Wilcox


Walter Jacob's Headshot

Jake Jacob


Maddie Weitz's Headshot

Maddie Weitz

Outreach Chair

Alexis Souksavath's Headshot

Alexis Souksavath


Rachel Schmidt's Headshot

Rachel Schmidt

Advisory Board – Dominican Life

Ryan King's Headshot

Ryan King

At-Large Representative

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Santi Elbow

At-Large Representative

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Nick Sengstock

At-Large Representative

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Jordan Smith

At-Large Representative

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Jaiona Spell

At-Large Representative