Pre-College Math Program Teacher Recommendation

Edgewood College is recruiting up to 15 high-school students (10th, 11th, or 12 grade) for a summer pre-college and college readiness program. Students who are low-income, first-generation, or traditionally underrepresented in higher education are strongly encouraged to apply!

This 8-week course offers high-school students the opportunity to enroll in a college-level course during the summer.

Students that successfully complete the class will have an opportunity to earn three college credits and are eligible for a $1000.00 scholarship to Edgewood College.

Please complete the form below to officially apply to the 2019 Pre-College Program at Edgewood College. To strengthen your application, please upload any supporting documents or have a teacher submit a letter of recommendation.

Please complete the application below to officially be considered for the program.

Applications are due Friday, April 18, 2018.